Services Offered: 
  • Athletic Performance & Personal Training
  • Group Functional Strength Training for adults & student athletes
  • Individualized Stretching & Corrective Exercise sessions
  • Running gait/ Movement and Posture Screening Analysis
  • Speed & agility sessions 
  • Gait Analysis 
  • Kinesiotaping

 NFL Buccaneer's player Arrelious Benn training with Claudia McCoy
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What is Functional Intensity Training?

My goal is to train any athlete to achieve their highest potential by combining sports specific programs and functional training that will enhance all areas of athletic performance. Understanding the Biomechanics and movement patterns of all sports, my comprehensive training methods are designed for the most effective approach of optimizing movement, power, speed, strength, balance, functional flexibility, core strength, explosiveness and recovery. 

My unique program called ‘Functional Intensity Training’ using mostly corrective exercise patterns that benefits any athlete to perform their best and to eliminate injuries during the season and can be added to the athletes existing training plan at any time. This “pre-habilitation”/ injury prevention program is designed to be integrated in to any training plan from OFF- season via Pre season to even IN- season training cycles. 

It's not just a workout  it's: "detail work to your body", it's going beyond just working out, it's fixing movement patterns so the athlete will be able to perform his/her sport more effective as well as eliminate injuries down the road.  


Download our mobile app for Movement / Posture screening and body composition measurements: (the link for the app is coming soon)


Other services: running Gait Analysis:

Utilizing the newest hudle technology I will analyze your gait/ form and create personalized drills and exercises to improve your running and performance. 



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