Sammie Stroughter #18 WR of Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Arrelious Benn #17 WR of Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kareem Huggins # 32 RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dominique Harris #21 Safety  Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( former Buffalo Bills)

Erroyl Bing #14 Pro- Basketball player 
                                                                 Quincy Barr,DE #90 University of Delaware

Jarred Fayson WR, #88 New Orleans Saints

Lee Elia (Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach)
Over 51 years in baseball and time with nine organizations as a coach, manager and adviser. Elia was working with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2010 season as a special assistant. Now he is the Atlanta Braves hitting coach, assisting Larry Parrish.


Claude Winter - Triathlete- Client at Peak Fitness Club

I would like to highly recommend Claudia for any personal training which involved functional athletic training and stretching. I have been an athlete pretty much my whole life. High school and college tennis, and running to supplement the sport.

After college I did keep playing tennis and kept running. In the mid 1990’s I stopped playing competitive tennis and became more serious in running. I started doing local races and did 5k’s, 10k’s, and then half marathons and marathons. In 1997 I found the sport of triathlon and that started another endurance sport that I fell in love with. I also dabbled in road cycle racing for a couple of years as well.

Fast forward to today. After 64 marathons, countless half marathons, 5k’s, 10ks, road cycle racing, 18 half ironman races, 6 ironman races, hundreds of sprint and Olympic triathlons and 10 ultra-marathons my body was finally telling me it had had enough. I always did some sort of stretching, warm ups and cool downs but now I was finding it was uncomfortable to run all the time. I would start slow, stiff and eventually warm up but never really felt good running. I wasn’t injured and just started thinking my old age was my issue. It was hard as running was always my #1 love!

I have known Claudia the last couple of years from our triathlon and running club. I knew she was a trainer with an extensive background in working functionally with athletes. I started having her work with me one on one with functional strength training specifically for what I do in triathlon. I also have weekly stretching sessions with her and she works my full range of motion through the stretching.

After a couple of months I can now tell you that she has helped my range of motion, worked out of lot of my imbalance issues and has made me stronger from the functional training.

It has been a long time since I felt good running and now I feel as good as I ever have. My hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads are now all working well together and I am not always tight.

Claudia has specifically helped me with my challenges. She looks at each athlete as an individual and works diligently to help them be the best they can be.

I highly recommend her for any endurance sports or any sports for specific training! 


CPT Gregory Revels

Special Forces, Tim Parnell

In closing 2012, I reflect on a year of challenges and goals that I set for myself and accomplished. I learned a lot about self-motivation and surrounding myself with those with the same goals alike. I'm not going to write a thesis, but I have a few people to thank….Claudia McCoy you are the voice in my head. Without your training/ pushing/ no crying attitude I don't know how I would push myself. I see the goals you set forth and accomplish (with ease ;) ) and that is where I strive to be. 
Adrian Correa- client at MicroLumen (Corporate Training)

I first met Claudia McCoy, an Athletic Performance Trainer, at Peak Fitness Club in June of this year, while still rebounding from surgery on my left hip in August 2014 after injuring it while completing a half-marathon.  I had resumed training in October 2014 then decided to try running in February 2015.  I was thrilled to be running again, but couldn’t help but feel that I could do better if I had some guidance and a more focused approach.  Claudia’s classes were recommended as she is familiar with athletes (both physical and mental aspects) so I jumped in with both feet.  

 As it turned out, that decision was truly a “life changer” and all I can say is WOW.  Claudia has taught me how important it is to incorporate strength training and stretching into my workouts while also helping me to change my attitude and approach toward becoming a stronger, more confident individual.  She was able to identify and manage my overall fitness regime and helped me understand how I was overtraining my body and fine-tuned my program to eliminate activities that were actually hurting me rather than making me stronger and faster. 

I signed on to participate in Claudia’s group training sessions twice a week.  Her expert advice and constant encouragement have helped me to believe in myself and push through boundaries when my brain and body are telling me to quit.  The group environment creates a synergy that results in everyone raising the bar and striving for their personal best.  There isn’t any competition with anyone other than yourself.  No matter what your fitness level, running pace or personal goals may be, Claudia will get you there.  I was lucky enough to see a tangible   (and completely unexpected) improvement in my running pace, as I accelerated from a 12 minute mile to a 9 minute mile.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision achieving such a milestone.  Today I actually eclipsed even that and recorded an 8:44 minute mile!!  

 Thanks to you Claudia McCoy for pushing me, motivating me, coaching me and for deleting “I can’t” and “I don’t want to” from my vocabulary.  There are no limits. 

You owe it to yourself to meet her, see what she has to offer and let her share her gift with you. She is truly an inspiration.

Pattie Gureck - client at Peak Fitness Club in Trinity 


Claudia is amazing! Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to Claudia and all of her wisdom! She
has given my life back!
I have been physically active my entire life, but as a child I was told not to run due to knee injuries I
sustained while playing soccer. I made due and did other things to stay active like spin class, weight
lifting, and other low impact activities. The stronger I got the more I thought I might be able to run.
In 2011, I set a goal for myself to run using a couch to 5k run/walk program. Once I completed that, I
joined a local running group and ran my first half marathon in February 2012. Throughout my training,
I experienced injuries and setbacks, but kept moving forward. Immediately after the half-marathon,
I was in a lot of pain. Of course, I just thought that was how I was supposed to feel after running a
half-marathon. I continued on and pushed through the pain I was feeling to run an 8k and a 5k shortly
thereafter. At the end of the 5k, I knew the pain I was feeling was not going away and I needed to get it
checked out. After a visit to the doctor, I learned I had tendonitis in both ankles and plantar fasciitis in
both feet. After months of physical therapy, I was not getting better and other injuries were occurring.
In March of 2013, I was at the end of my rope. I was not getting any better and my physical activity had
plummeted. I was very depressed and desperate. I heard about a Runner's Clinic at Competitive Edge
and thought it could not hurt to check it out. It was the best thing I could have done. Claudia was the
speaker and as she talked light bulbs kept going off in my head. Everything she mentioned that night was
what I had been experiencing. My husband even looked over at me and said you have to sign up and train
with this woman immediately. I did not hesitate. The following Friday I had my first appointment with
Claudia and I have been with her ever since. Claudia has taught me how to listen to my body and take
care of it. She has taught me strength-training and stretching exercises to improve my running form and
It has been a long road back, but I am grateful to say I able to run 6 miles consistently! I ran my first
relay half-marathon with a friend of mine and now the racing bug is back. Instead of seeing myself as a
race spectator for the rest of my life, I see myself as a race participant and many races in my future thanks
to Claudia’s expertise! I do not know what my life would be like without Claudia!

-Heather Harris client at Competitive Edge Performance (CEP)


TRX Training with Claudia

Why choose TRX Training with Claudia at Competitive Edge? When I started I was on meds for blood pressure and cholesterol and a good 20 lbs. overweight with back pain to boot. Claudia took the time and had the know-how to get me back on track. Two years later I am off the meds, 20 lbs. lighter and stronger than I ever thought I could be. If you are looking for someone who will take a personal interest in your well being and help you exceed your weight and strengthening goals, look no further! Claudia and Competitive Edge, I am forever grateful!

- Chris Cook client at Competitive Edge Performance (CEP)


Thank you! For getting our bodies ready and letting us pick your brain. Your training shows through our progress

-Adrian Correa


Thanks Claudia!!! I feel stronger and I'm putting out more power to the pedals. My average speed went up and my all out sprint has made me more competitive in the peloton. You are an essential part of the my training

- Carlos Martinez clients with CEP (at MicroLumen)


Thanks to the masterful training program, of "Coach Claudia", I feel supercharged and my overall physical health is the best it's been in many years! My heartfelt appreciation for your Training sessions and your friendship...Everyone should be as lucky as I to have Claudia and CEP helping them!!! 

- Lee Smith client at CompetitiveEdge Performance (CEP)

I am an avid snow skier and tennis player. In the last year or so, I have begun to experience some injuries due to overuse (normal wear and tear) of my knees, rotator cuff/shoulder and elbows.

I contacted Claudia and she created for me some sport specific routines. These routines are state of the art and include proper stretching and conditioning of my problem areas as well as strengthening of the muscles surrounding those areas to minimize if not eliminate the effects of overuse.

I love my routines and couldn't be happier with them and with my ability to continue to do the things that I so love to do.

- Sandy Benitez


As a lifelong couch potato, I had finally mustered the energy and will to 

get off my bum and train for my first 5K and my first Sprint Triathlon. But
just a week after finishing the tri, my IT band started giving me problems
and I wasn’t able to run for more than about 4 minutes without serious pain.
I was mad. I’d finally found a great cardiovascular activity that I loved
and was sticking with, but I thought my running days were finished. I
Claudia because I knew she shared a similar passion for running as
I, and because I trusted her expertise and opinion.
After a few sessions, I noticed a big difference, and after we finished the
whole program, I was nearly 100%. Now, I continue to work on the problem
areas she found, to maintain the program she instituted, and to use the
tools she taught me. I am signed up for my next Sprint Triathlon and can’t
wait to run across the finish line.

-Gail Hill


My experience with Claudia McCoy has been nothing less than fantastic.  Claudia is a consummate professional with knowledge and experience far above the average personal trainer.  Workouts are never boring with Claudia.  She is always varying your routine to ensure that your workouts don’t become monotonous.  Her experience and background make her a perfect fit for all skill and age levels.  No matter what your goals are, Claudia will help you attain them.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their level of fitness and overall health to the next level.

- Dr. Jonathan Berns, D.C.


Claudia Mccoy is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. She has expertise in exercise, nutrition and as a Licensed Physical Therapist she has extensive knowledge of the human body. She has the ability to understand her client's needs and demonstrate exercises with knowledge and depth of understanding, not only in execution but also application of these movements and how they are best suited to the individual. Most importantly she is extremely motivating and encouraging.

Claudia is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She has taught me how to power groups of muscles, rather than training a series of isolated large muscles. Claudia also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She has motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results. The results were effective almost immediately. I have incredible energy, my core strength and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscle tone and definition. I am now able to motivate myself and enjoy the time I spend working out. My endurance is improved and I recently participated in 5k races for the first time. My soccer teammates are impressed with my new fitness, speed and body control.

I recommend Claudia McCoy as a Personal Trainer for any goal you want to achieve, whether it is weight loss, sport specific training, muscle tone or total fitness. I have never felt so good about myself and I owe it all to Claudia's knowledge and enthusiasm.

 -Michele Musto    


As a 25-year airline employee, I have pulled, pushed, lifted, and carried thousands of bags, weighing in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. About 6 years ago, I started to develop pain in my right shoulder.  I was off of work for a few weeks at which I required an MRI.  The results of the MRI returned negative and through my company's designated physical therapist, they had me back to work about 3 weeks after I had originally filed my claim.  I realized my shoulder was never going to be 100% again, so I just dealt with the discomfort and decided this was the way I would live the rest of my life. 

Once we showed interest in personal training, I expressed concerns regarding my shoulder issues.  The gym representative advised us of one of their trainers. This is where I met Claudia McCoy. 

Claudia worked on my shoulder with caution, at first, showing me different ways to strengthen the rest of my body with balance, core, and stretching exercises.  Some days, we would work in the gym on lifting technique, functional exercise and strength conditioning, other days Claudia stretched  me.  In less than 3 months, I had surpassed my expectations in the range of my injured shoulder and have experienced little pain since.  Golfing is one of my hobbies and I am pleased to say that I can now golf with a wider range of motion and with little to no pain.

Claudia has not only educated me on stretching, lifting techniques, and nutrition, she has made me feel like I have a brand new shoulder.  Claudia is a miracle worker.I would recommend Claudia McCoy as a personal trainer in whatever capacity of training you are searching for.  You will not be disappointed.

-Jim Jentzen     


It has been such a fun and awesome experience training with Claudia.  There were several things I wanted to accomplish when I started training with Claudia and I can definitely say that I have accomplished those and more. I realized that Claudia wasn’t afraid to challenge me and also she showed me that I was stronger than I knew.  After just a few weeks, I was able to lift weights which I had never done before or ever thought possible.  She has inspired me to go that extra step!  Also, I never got bored with the workouts.  Each time was something different, fun, and challenging which was exactly what I wanted.  She has taught me to be creative and that you don’t need a machine to workout.  On the other side of that, I have worked out for years and I have never felt comfortable with a huge majority of the workout machines.  Claudia was able to familiarize me with all of them to the point where I am finally comfortable for once.  I can definitely say that I enjoy working out more now that I know what I am doing. I finally fit into one of my old pairs of shorts that I have only worn at one time in my adulthood which was only for a few months right before I got married.  So I would definitely have to say that I am in the best shape now than I have ever been in my life thanks to Claudia.  I look forward to the many years of working with her in the future and achieving my ultimate health/fitness goals.



It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Claudia McCoy, my Personal Trainer. Claudia has proven to be a knowledgeable, caring and very personable trainer, the knowledgeable being the most important factor to me. I had surgery on my shoulder a year ago and needed to find a trainer that could help me build back my strength in it as well as the rest of my body. Claudia fit the bill, she had been a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer in her homeland of Germany and that in itself attracted me. She has proven to be a trainer that can push for the best within you but do it properly, encouraging good form and consistency in training. I had a fear from past experience of a trainer that was just interested in getting fast results but with Claudia I can get the same results without the injury. Claudia is very attentive to both clients and watches closely so they do not exceed their limits. She is very thorough in her explanations and is great about getting any information if you need it. Claudia helped me find medical help for my lower back which is doing much better. I look forward to my sessions and know that with Claudia’s help my goal is within reach

- Catherine Vera


'Having just finished a battle with colon cancer and chemotherapy I needed help in regaining my health and strenght. I got that help from Claudia McCoy my personal trainer. Claudia is well informed in matters of exercise, body and strenght building. She is attentive to her clients and knows their limitations. I have trained with her now for seven month and feel like a new person. I could not have done it without her.'  

- Charles Delia